Getting one of the safest vehicles on the market should be a top priority when shopping for your next car, and the Dodge Charger was built with safety features that make this performance sedan a popular choice. When you visit Boyd Cars of Virginia for your test drive, we’ll show you the safety features that are included with the Dodge Charger to give you extra peace of mind.

One of the key features that can help you stay safe while driving around South Hill, VA is the vehicle’s solid safety frame. The frame of the Dodge Charger has been built with high-strength steel that won’t collapse inward easily during an accident and put you at a greater risk for harm. The roof section of the frame is also built for maximum durability.

With the all-speed traction control, you’ll stay more protected while driving on slick roads. This feature is able to keep your wheels in better contact with the road when they start to slip by minimizing the engine’s power to maintain traction.

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