The all-new GMC Sierra is a leader in its class of pickup trucks. This year’s GMC Sierra comes in the form of both 2500 and 3500 models. Most heavy load workers in the U.S. have chosen the GMC Sierra over its competitors. In addition to its heavy workload abilities, the GMC Sierra is a very safe pickup truck.

This year’s Sierra 2500HD is giving drivers notable safety equipment as a standard option for these vehicles. Rearview cameras, parking sensors, and smart airbags are equipment that comes standard the GMC Sierra 2500HD.

In addition, the Sierra 2500HD also comes standard with On-Star and other emergency service phone numbers. If your keys get locked in the car or if you can contact GMC through the vehicle and the company will send you help to assist. In all, the GMC Sierra 2500HD is an outstanding vehicle.

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