In the new GMC Sierra 2500HD, you can enjoy peace and quiet on your drive. This popular heavy-duty pickup truck is engineered to reduce road noise. We here at Boyd Cars of Virginia in Emporia are very excited to show you how different it feels to drive the new Sierra 2500HD.

One way that GMC has managed to reduce noise is by making sure that the doors are as tight as possible. Every single door utilizes three separate seals. This ensures that air cannot penetrate throughout the exterior and into the cabin. It also provides some added protection against rain and moisture.

The GMC Sierra 2500HD also has some mechanical features that aid with noise reduction. Hydraulics are used on the body and engine mounts. The hydraulic mechanism is smooth and effortless. As you go over bumps and uneven surfaces, these components absorb the shock. Not only does it make the cabin quieter, but it also keeps things comfortable.

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