The Ram 1500: Toughness You Can See

We here at Boyd Cars of Virginia are very excited to show you around the new Ram 1500. This popular light-duty pickup truck has a tough look that's sure to turn heads.

The front-end of the Ram 1500 is boasting a large and aggressive grille. It's positioned front and center. Mirror-chrome trim is used around the grille and headlights. Despite its reflective looks, the material adds durability and plenty of style to the front of the truck.

Sculpted lines are used throughout the body of the Ram 1500. They flow up the hood of the truck and along the sides. These lines aren't just for looks. They also help to redirect air as you drive. Whether you're completing a big job in South Hill or cruising on the open highway, these aerodynamic lines prevent drag so that you can experience better performance and enhanced fuel economy. The most prominent lines can be found around the wheel wells and over the side doors.

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