Why Your Engine is Overheating

An engine that is overheating means that it's time to visit our service center at Boyd Cars of Virginia. The problem could be simple to fix, but you can't ignore the problem. A broken water pump or a radiator fan that has stopped working can cause your engine to overheat. This puts your engine at risk to break completely if you don't get service.

The temperature gauge on your dashboard will register hot if your car is overheating. If your car is having mechanical issues, your car is more likely to overheat when you are stuck in traffic. Without the air from driving along the highway blowing through your engine, it can get very hot.

If you checked coolant levels in your radiator and they are low, you probably have a leak. You may notice a leak below your vehicle when it is parked. If you add coolant to your vehicle, make sure you are using the right kind.