Stay Caught Up with Your Differential Service in Virginia

Your vehicle has one differential if it is a two-wheel drive vehicle. 4-wheel drive vehicles normally have two differentials. The differential works in conjunction with your vehicle's transmission. It helps to provide the power needed to turn the wheels and make the vehicle go.

The differential has gears within it that are lubricated by a fluid. Since the temperatures in the differential can be quite high, the fluid can break down over time making it less able to provide the proper protection. In order to keep your vehicle's differential working properly, you need to have the fluid changed on a regular basis. If you hear a grinding noise or your car is shifting harder, you might want to have the differential checked.

If you live in the greater Roanoke Rapids and Gaston, NC areas, then bring your vehicle to Boyd Cars of Virginia for differential service. The service department technicians can provide routine maintenance and diagnose and repair differential and other drive train problems.

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